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Chaga Tincture

Chaga Tincture

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Chaga, scientifically known as Inonotus obliquus, is a remarkable fungal treasure found in the dense forests of the Northern Hemisphere. This exceptional mushroom has been revered in traditional herbal medicine for its potential to promote overall health and vitality. Our premium Chaga tincture is meticulously crafted from high quality Chaga compounds. Chaga's unique blend of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients makes it a valuable addition to your daily wellness routine. Explore the natural wonders of Chaga and nurture your well-being with the essence of this extraordinary mushroom

Recommended dosage is 1 - 2 droppers a day. For maximum efficacy, drops should be placed under the tongue. The tincture can also be added to water, juices or smoothies as well as tea or coffee. 



Contains alcohol

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